You have been named Executor of an estate.  Now what?

 When it comes to appointing an Executor, most people choose a spouse, child, sibling or other family member they trust to follow their wishes as outlined in their Will.  As an Executor you are responsible for settling the estate according to the wishes of the deceased. It is not an easy job, which can be even more difficult if you are grieving the loss of a family member or close friend.  Your Estate Matters Ltd.  can provide you with the support you need to fulfill your obligations. And you can choose the level of assistance you require including communicating with beneficiaries, selling real estate or distributing assets while helping you keep everything on schedule. Whether it's help with one or two specific tasks or the execution of all Executor duties, we will provide objective, specialized advice and assistance to guide you in this often complicated role.  Most importantly, the final decisions always stay with you.

Trustee Assistance 

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Estate And Trust Planning

Executor Assistance

Estate Planning and Organization

Your Estate Matters Ltd.

Establishing a Trust can play an important role in Estate planning. A Trust allows you to manage your affairs throughout your lifetime;  now, while in full health, later on during times of potential incapacity and eventually transferring to your beneficiaries. 


A Trust also allows you to hold assets for the benefit of an individual or charitable organization while maintaining control over how the assets are used.  This can be done during your lifetime (Intervivos Trusts) or through your Will (Testamentary Trusts).  Whether you are putting a Trust in place for yourself or have been named as a Trustee, Your Estate Matters Ltd. can provide you with support to manage the interests and requirements of the Trust and you will always retain the final decision.

Your Estate Matters Ltd. helps you plan and organize your entire estate including;

  • reviewing your current documents
  • planning your Will, Power of Attorney and Personal Directive 
  • communicating your plan with the lawyer of your choice
  • coordinating the preparation of the documents with that lawyer
  • reviewing the documents to ensure they meet with the original plan as communicated
  • working with you to organize your affairs
  • meeting annually to ensure your information remains current 

We will take the worry out of the process and leave you with the peace of mind that comes from a well planned and organized estate.

Additional Services

Cash Flow Planning
Whether it's managing your own cash flow to more effectively grow your Estate or providing cash flow planning to your children as beneficiaries of your estate, Your Estate Matters Ltd. can help.  Working together we will develop your personalized plan to ensure you're saving as much as you should now for your own use while still saving for your Estate to ensure your beneficiaries are well cared for.

Life and Health & Sickness Insurance Planning

Whether its protecting loved ones from an unexpected death or illness, Your Estate Matters Ltd. can help there too.  We offer the ability to access coverage from most major carriers which means we can also source the coverage which is best suited and priced  to your needs.

Commissioner of Oaths

Mary Mason has recently been appointed by the Minister of Justice as a Commissioner of Oaths for the Province of Nova Scotia.  As a result, Mary can adminster oaths, take and receive affidavits, declarations and affirmations within Nova Scotiia.